STAY FRESH is Canada’s premier sneaker and streetwear boutique. We offer a wide range of collector’s sneakers and streetwear from the latest and past releases.

Where do we get our products?

We have a team of buyers who are constantly searching worldwide for all products. We also offer buyouts and consignment options to the general public to sell their brand new/ DS sneakers.

How do I sell to STAY FRESH?

We accept BRAND NEW/ DS sneakers only. Please email us at: We do not currently offer walk-ins for in-store buyouts.

How does consignment work?

After you’ve corresponded with our adjusters by emailing:, we will sell your item(s) on your behalf in-store and online. Once your item is sold, you can then request for your payout for the following month. Our consignment rate is 20% of the total selling price.

Why are shoes wrapped?

For a few reasons. The main reason being the value and scarcity of the products we carry and we want to guarantee that they are at their most original condition when you buy them. Secondly, a lot of the products in-store are via consignment, and we want to ensure the best condition upon returning the item to its consignor if they choose to withdraw their item(s).

Are your products authentic?

All of our products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. We have an in-house, multi-step verification process applied to every product we sell.

Do you do Legit Checks?

We do not offer Legit Check services.

What brands does STAY FRESH carry?

We carry all the latest in-demand brands such as: Nike, adidas, Air Jordan, Yeezy, Supreme, Fear of God: Essentials, BAPE, Anti Social Social Club, KITH, Off-White, Drew House, Mitchell & Ness, Enterbay, Casio G-Shock, Jason Markk, Crep Protect, and many more.

Why are prices different for sizes?

We list prices according to current market prices. And since some sizes may be more limited or in higher demand, they will reflect in the final prices listed by STAY FRESH.

Who do I contact for order issues?

Please email all order issues to: with your order number in the subject.

When do you get new items?

For new releases, we will get them within a week after the official Canadian release date. And for restocks of older releases, they will be more random. We will always post our latest releases and restocks on our social media first.

In-store pickup available?

Yes. We offer in-store pickup at both of our locations (Richmond Centre and Metrotown Centre) at no additional charge.

Why is everything a Final Sale?

Once a product is sold and leaves our premises, we can no longer ensure the condition and authenticity of the item if it were to be returned. Also, since a large portion of our products are consigned, we need to be able to pay out the item in a timely manner which will not be possible without our current “Final Sale” policy in place.

How are products priced? Why is it so expensive?

Our products are priced according to a few factors. The current market price, availability, and agreed selling price with any given consignor. But since some products’ market price are below retail price, you can find a large selection of our products available for under the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Any promotion or discounts?

You can find discount and promotional details (if there are any currently available) on our website and social media. You can also check out our “Sale” section on our website here.

Do you buy shoes?

Yes. We buy select, brand new/ DS sneakers only. Please email us at:

Can you lower the price?

All our prices are firm. But are subject to change (higher and lower) without notice.

How do I check if my consignment is sold?

Please email us at: and our adjustment team will update you on your inventory.

Is THE LAB the same store as STAY FRESH?

Yes. The Lab in Metrotown Centre is operating under the STAY FRESH umbrella and offers the same catalogue of items with addition to in-store only pre-owned sneakers.

Why do some orders take up to 3 weeks to process?

Our regular processing time is 2-3 business days. However, we also have items being held in facilities outside of Canada. Once your order is placed, the item will then be shipped to our local warehouse for final inspection and processed before shipping to you.

Why is my order taking so long to ship?

Our regular processing time is 2-3 business days. This time is used for manifesting shipping arrangements, transferring products from our store locations, and final inspection of the product before shipping to you. If there are additional delays in processing times, we will notify you as soon as possible via the email address you provided through your order.

Why is STAY FRESH selling shoes they don’t have in hand?

We have multiple locations in which we hold our products. Due to logistical reasons, some items will be housed in our facilities outside of Canada. Although they are not being held in our local shipping facilities, we do in fact have them in hand, ready to be transferred then shipped.

If I don’t like the product after I receive them, can I get a refund?

Sorry, no. All sales are final.

I don’t know my size. How can I find out?

You can find a size conversion chart here. If you need details on how a particular model fits, please call either of our stores or email us at: for more details.

My order is marked as “Delivered” but I haven’t received it yet.

If your order shows “Delivered” but you have not received it, please contact the courier company that handled your shipment. Once a case has been filed, we will work with the corresponding courier to resolve the issue.

When I place an order using PayBright or Sezzle, is the item shipped after all the payments have been made?

Your order is processed and shipped once you have completed the checkout process, not after all the payments have been made.

Why are your prices higher than StockX?

We operate differently with online services such as StockX. We have the items in hand when you make the purchase, and are not providing a “middle man” service like the websites that offer similar products. Since they are offering a different service, we are not in direct competition with those platforms. Benefits of ordering from STAY FRESH over other platforms include: products are in-hand and ready to ship, you can contact us directly with any questions concerning our products or order, we have the exact item being ordered and not dependant of third party supplier to fulfill your order, no hidden fees and charges.

I don’t see a shoe or size I want. Can you order them for me?

We can try and locate specific shoes for you if they are not available on our website. Please email us at: with “Special Order” in the subject, come to our store for assistance, or fill out our online “Wish List” here.