Greatest '90s NBA Jerseys of All Time

Greatest '90s NBA Jerseys of All Time

May 26, 2022

Apart from the excitement of the highlights and lowlights in an NBA game, one thing which will always have basketball fans in awe are the jerseys being worn during these historic moments. To celebrate some of these iconic eras, STAY FRESH presents the Greatest ‘90s NBA Jerseys of All Time.

'96-97 Los Angeles Lakers - SHOP NOW

Worn during, what some may consider; their most memorable season in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers sported their iconic Purple and Gold jerseys with a rookie Kobe Bryant and an all star Shaquille O'Neal. Although the team wasn't able to acquire a championship this season, the future was shown to be bright with both star players making the All-Star and All-Rookie teams. 

'96-97 Phoenix Suns - SHOP NOW

Sported during their 29th season in the NBA, the grizzled Phoenix Suns team wore their most popular black uniforms. Although their season may have been lacklustre, the addition of a rookie Canadian superstar Steve Nash sparked a turn around for the franchise. 

'95-96 Seattle Supersonics - SHOP NOW

Donned in their franchise best season with a 64-18 record, the Supersonics wore a bold Seattle inspired uniform. The jersey featured a futuristic look, as the "i" in the Sonics name resembles the iconic Seattle Space Needle. Many remember this jersey mainly because of the dynamic duo of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, also known as the 'Sonic Boom'. The two led the team to their first NBA Finals appearance since 1979, immortalizing themselves and their jerseys in NBA history. 

'92-93 Denver Nuggets - SHOP NOW

Inspired by the 'Vibrancy and Growth' in Denver during the late 80's, the Denver Nuggets sported their fan favorite Rainbow skyline jersey's during their '92-93 season. Although the season was far from amazing, there were some brightspots as second year player Dikembe Mutumbo was blossoming into an All Star. 

'96-97 Chicago Bulls - SHOP NOW

Donned at the beginning of their second start of a three peat, the Chicago Bulls dominated the '96-97 season while also winning their 4th NBA Championship in these classy black pinstripe jerseys. Leading the league in scoring once again, Michael Jordan led his team past the Seattle Supersonics alongside Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman for another ring. 

'94-95 Orlando Magic - SHOP NOW

Worn in the teams 6th season in the NBA, the Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway led Orlando Magic made their first ever NBA Finals appearance. Although the team came up short in this playoff run, the jerseys worn will always be remembered alongside the triumphant climb through the Eastern conference. 

'98-99 Vancouver Grizzlies - SHOP NOW

Worn in the teams 4th season in the NBA, the Vancouver Grizzlies donned these Pacific Northwest influenced turquoise jerseys. Unfortunately due to a mid-season  lockout, the jerseys weren't able to receive the full praise they deserved. But with Shareef Abdur-Rahim and rookie Mike Bibby leading the team in scoring, it was only right to extend the glorified uniforms into the next season.

'98-99 Detroit Pistons - SHOP NOW

In a lacklustre lockout season, the Detroit Pistons finally found some success with their teal home jersey. Although the team finished the season with less than a .500 win percentage, players such as Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse were still able to provide some hope for Piston's fans for the coming years.

'98-99 Toronto Raptors - SHOP NOW

Easily remembered for some iconic moments shared between Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter, the Toronto Raptors donned one of the greatest jerseys of All Time. Memoralized by 'Air Canada' or 'Vinsanity' for his historic Rookie of the Year season, this jersey was, and still is, astronomically popularity.

'95-96 Charlotte Hornets - SHOP NOW

Worn in their 8th season in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets sported these teal pinstripe jerseys which were made memorable by players such as Muggsy Bogues and Dell Curry. Although the team finished the season with an even record, the love the city shared for them and this iconic jersey is still reminiscent to this day.


Which '90s NBA Jersey is your favorite?




Art Direction & Written By: KJ Mishra
Graphic Design: Kodi Josiah

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