Our Favourite Nike x Stussy Sneakers

Our Favourite Nike x Stussy Sneakers

July 19, 2022

22 Years since their inaugural collaboration, Stussy and Nike have provided sneakerheads across the globe with some of the most sought after sneakers in the game. The two brands have teamed up on eighteen different sneakers spanning across two decades, which only makes every new collaborative release even more exciting. With that being said STAY FRESH presents some of Our Favorite Stussy x Nike Sneakers.

Stussy x Nike Air Huarache LE ‘Desert Oak’ - SHOP NOW

Released: 2000

The Air Huarache LE was the first ever collaboration between Stussy and Nike. Legendary Nike designer Fraser Cooke teamed up with Stussy’s Michael Koppelman to create the iconic sneaker. The new team was able to create two colorways of their favorite Nike running shoe, one being the ‘Desert Oak’ and the other being the ‘Dark Olive’.

The sneakers were released exclusively at the London Stussy store in minimal quantities, making this release extremely popular at the time. The Tinker Hatfield designed Air Huarache was released in 1991 but because of this shock of a partnership the sneaker’s hype was restored. 21 years after the OG release, Stussy and Nike linked up again to re-release the legendary sneakers.


Stussy x Nike Dunk High ‘Ostrich’ - SHOP NOW

Released: 2001

A year after their inaugural collaboration, Stussy and Nike returned with a makeover on the Dunk High model. At the time the Dunk HIgh wasn’t as popular as it is today but due to Stussy’s connection to Skateboarding, the collaboration made the most sense.

The sneakers were available at all Stussy Chapter stores but were only limited to 24 pairs per location. This marketing strategy created a hype like no other, sneakerheads and skaters alike were camping out to purchase a pair. Continuing their earth toned makeup, the Dunk High was available in a Brown toned colorway as well as a All Black one. 

Stussy’s collaboration on the Dunk High model would soon be memorialized in Nike history as they were the first to ever introduce a Dunk model with multiple materials on the upper. The sneakers' choice to feature Ostrich and Snakeskin material has made this sneaker a grail.


Stussy x Nike Court Force ‘XXV’

Released: 2005

On the 25th Anniversary of Stussy, they celebrated with the release of one of the rarest Nike sneakers, the Court Force. The sneaker was originally released with the purpose of being solely for basketball but it soon found its way onto the feet of local skaters. 

The Stussy variant featured a colorblocked upper with Crocodile prints throughout the swoosh, heel and toe box giving the sneaker a premium feel. Cities such as London, New York, LA and other locations where Stussy Chapter stores reside were embroidered throughout the heel, The sneakers historical significance to both brands has made it one of the most important collaborations in Nike x Stussy history.


Stussy x Nike SB Dunk ‘Cherry - SHOP NOW

Released: 2005

Arguably the most popular Stussy x Nike collaboration of all time, the SB Dunk ‘Cherry’ has remained extremely sought after by sneakerheads and skaters alike. The sneakers colorway was inspired by Neapolitan Ice Cream which is evident with the Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry color blocking throughout the upper. 

Since its release 17 years ago, the sneaker has only grown in popularity and value. With celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Travis Scott and Quavo seen in a pair many other than sneakerheads have been on the hunt for this prestigious pair.


Stussy x Nike Free Trail 5.0  ‘World Tour’

Released: 2006

As one of the most eye-catching sneakers to release from the Nike x Stussy collaborative line, the Free Trail 5.0 was one of three sneakers to release a part of the ‘World Tour’ collection. Accompanying the running shoe the two brands released a Nike Dunk High as well as a Nike Trainer Dunk Low to be a part of the collection. 

Hinted at in the name of the collection, the sneakers represented the Stussy Chapter stores around the world like Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and the others. Each location was given their own exclusive colorway for each model which made this collection highly exclusive. The sneakers remain one of Stussy and Nike’s most bizarre collaborations but some may argue that the obscurity of the silhouettes makes the collection even more special.


Stussy x Nike x Neighborhood ‘Boneyards’

Released: 2008 

Nodding to their origins in surfing, Stussy collaborated again with Nike on a pair of Blazers which were named after a San Pedro Surf Spot named the Boneyards. The sneakers featured a grittier look in comparison to the past collaborations, opting for a primarily black upper with a colorful ‘Boneyards’ print overtop. The sneaker was released in a blue, red and white colorway. 

Although this sneaker may be forgotten by sneakerheads, the release of it was very monumental to the local Californian surf community and remains a classic Stussy x Nike collaboration.


Stussy x Nike Air Max 95 - SHOP NOW

Released: 2015

Easily one of the most popular sneakers of all time, the Air Max 95 finally received a Stussy treatment on the 35th Anniversary of the brand and 20th Anniversary of the sneaker. The timing was impeccable and undoubtedly added to the success of this collection. 

The sneaker was released exclusively at Stussy Chapter locations and featured a Black, Blue and Olive colorway on top of a clean eggshell white sole. The sneaker remained minimal in design only featuring a ‘SS’ Stussy logo on a neoprene tongue which nods to the 2000 collaborative release of the Air Huarache LE.


Stussy x Nike Spiridon Cage 2 - SHOP NOW

Released: 2020

Originally designed by the legendary Steven Smith, the Nike Spiridon Cage 2 was released in 2003 and grew in popularity in Japan. Unfortunately the silhouette wasn’t received as well in the US, causing Nike to sideline the sneaker until it reemerged in 2020 with a Stussy collaboration. 

The sneaker was leaked by A$AP Mob and Stussy Tribe Member, A$AP Nast which sent the sneaker world into a frenzy. Days after it was teased on instagram the sneaker was released in Fossil, Pure Platinum and Black colorways. This release  now ranks as one of the top drops of 2020 and one of the greatest Stussy x Nike sneakers to ever hit the market.


Stussy x Nike Air Force 1 Low - SHOP NOW

Released: 2020 

Continuing their year of success, Stussy and Nike collaborated again on a set of Air Force 1 Lows in a Triple-Black and Fossil colorway. The sneaker features a minimalistic design with a primarily canvas upper with a woven swoosh. 

In 2021 Stussy re-released pairs of the sought-after collab but this time in a new look. Los Angeles based artist Niki Tsukamoto also known as ‘Lookout and Wonderland’ hand dyed several pairs of the beloved Air Force 1 Lows in 5 different colors-red, blue, yellow, green and purple. The sneakers release was so successful that a year later in 2022, Stussy and Nike collaborated again on a pair of Air Force 1 Mids. 

Which sneaker would you want to see them collaborate on next?




Art Direction & Written By: KJ Mishra
Graphic Design: Matthew Chan

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